Workplace Giving

At Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless, we want to help you make your workplace giving campaign a success. Our job is to make the campaign as easy as possible. That is why we offer campaign resource materials to help you organize, plan and run your campaign.

Please use our materials to create interest, inspire giving, and generate enthusiasm in your workplace. Open Your Heart wants to help make your campaign a success every step of the way. Visit the Campaign EssentialsPromotional Materials and Wrap up Materials pages for more information on making the most of your campaign.

Check out our current Workplace Giving Campaign List

If you are interested in adding Open Your Heart to your current campaign, please call 651-224-8011 or email us for more information.

Resource Library

Campaign Essentials

Campaign Promotional Resources

Open Your Heart publications and posters

Wrapping Up the Campaign:

Workplacing Giving Campaign Report

Workplace Giving Campaign Report needs to include:

  • Contributions Report
  • Donor’s name (first and last)
  • Total individual pledge amount (if providing an amount per pay period, please include total number of pay periods)
  • Requested acknowledgment preference
  • Email address or mailing address if donor requests an acknowledgment

Please see our Donor Policies regarding donor privacy

If using an online pledging system, this information can be provided electronically to Open Your Heart. If paper pledge forms are being used, this information should be captured on the form. The information will need to be compiled into a spreadsheet or copies of the pledge forms can be provided.

Cash and Check Gifts:

Please include a copy of the pledge form or donor information as outlined above to ensure the gift is processed accurately. For tax purposes, it is important that one-time check contributions are distributed by the end of the year.

Open Your Heart representatives are available to assist with pledge processing. Email us if you would like to request assistance.

Thanking Your Employees

Open Your Heart will gladly send an acknowledgment to all workplace giving campaign donors who request one. However, employees also appreciate hearing the campaign results from the Campaign Chair. Consider celebrating the results of your campaign with an announcement at a staff meeting or an email to all employees. Feel free to download our sample letter below or to craft your own message.

On behalf of Open Your Heart and all the agencies and people we support, thank you for all of your work to make this a successful campaign!

Sample Thank You Letter


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