Education Grants

Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless designates 15 percent of our grant funding each year to support the education-related needs of homeless children and youth. These grants are awarded to agencies working with homeless and highly mobile youth through an annual grant application process and can be used at any time during the school year.

Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless awarded education grants for the 2013-2014 school year to 40 agencies across the state of Minnesota, totaling $116,037:

Center City Housing Corporation, Duluth, $826 to buy backpacks and school supplies for school aged children

The Evergreen House, Inc., Bemidji, $1,935 to purchase essential school supplies, back packs, gym shoes, and clothing

Perspectives, Inc., St. Louis Park, $1,666 to buy school supplies and cooking equipment for a program that focuses on health and food safety

Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women, Duluth, $3,875 to fund school supplies, back packs, field trips/ activities, lab fees, and clothing

Bridge for Youth, Inc., Minneapolis, $9,850 for school supplies, backpacks, clothing, gym uniforms, school photos, driver’s education, graduation fees, GED and college entrance fees

Project for Pride in Living, Minneapolis, $2,150 for books, educational games, science kits, and school materials

Simpson Housing Services, Minneapolis, $8,140 for school supplies and other academic materials children need to fully participate in school

St. Paul Public Schools/ Title 1 Program, St. Paul, $4,085 to purchase school supplies, uniforms, books, and educational supplies for tutoring

Cornerstone Advocacy Service, Inc., Bloomington, $1,290 to purchase backpacks, clothing, shoes and necessary school supplies for children affected by domestic violence

YWCA of St. Paul, St. Paul, $3,677 to buy school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms

Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, $3,440 to purchase school supplies backpacks, gym uniforms, activity fees, photos, graduation gowns and Target vouchers

YouthLink, Minneapolis, $4,300 to supply GED testing supplies and travel assistance for students

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, $4,300 to supply school activity fees, school supplies, uniforms, gym clothes, school photos, driver’s education classes, and college application fees

Ain Dah Yung Our Home Shelter, St. Paul, $2,068 to fund supplies for school and registration fees

Women’s Advocates, Inc., St. Paul, $2,408 to fund school uniforms, gym uniforms, clothing, and school supplies

Tubman, Minneapolis, $2,903 to purchase school supplies, school uniforms, and rental caps and gowns

Ascension Place, Inc., Minneapolis, $753 to purchase basic school supplies such as backpacks, pencils, and tutoring materials

Union Gospel Mission of St. Paul/ Discovery Program, St. Paul $9,600 to buy materials for therapy through art, music, and gardening

Alexandra House, Inc., Blaine, $2,473 to purchase school supplies, winter clothing, and GED fees for students living in shelter

Young Women’s Christian Association, Duluth, $2,124 to provide technology, graduation pictures, and drivers’ education fees for students

Central MN Task Force on Battered Women, St. Cloud, $430 to purchase clothing and shoes for students and to pay additional required school fees

Bluff Country Family Resources, Hokah, $3,225 to purchase essential school supplies, winter clothing, and activity fees for homeless students

Union Gospel Mission, Inc., Duluth, $860 to purchase backpacks and school supplies for children in need

Young Women’s Christian Association Cass Clay, Fargo, $645 to purchase much needed school supplies as well as clothing and shoes for students

Theresa Living Center, St. Paul, $1,174 to purchase school clothing and supplies for students in need

Emerge Community Development, Minneapolis, $5,200 to purchase school supplies, backpacks, school photos, school uniforms, tutoring materials, and school activity fees

People Serving People, Minneapolis, $1,809 to to purchase flash cards, tutoring supplies, math and science materials, and curriculum materials

Women of Nations, St. Paul, $4,231 to purchase school supplies, computer, monitor, printer and software and winter clothing

Emma Norton Services, St. Paul, $3,256 to puchase five computers, peripherals, and software to be used by school age children, as well as calculators for high school students

Solid Ground, White Bear Lake, $3,150 to purchase back packs, notebooks, folders, pencils, gym shoes, and other school supplies

Partners for Affordable Housing, Inc., Mankato, $2,606 to purchase school supplies including backpacks and calculators

Minnesota Internship Center Charter School, Minneapolis, $4,240 to purchase planners, interview clothes, flash drives, and official identification for students

Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency, Inc., Shakopee, $3,440 to purchase school supplies, gym shoes, drivers’ education fees, gas vouchers, and child care

Sojourner Project, Inc., Hopkins, $1,720 to purchase school supplies, school photos, lab fees, Drivers’ Education fees, summer school, tutoring supplies, and winter clothing

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minneapolis, $430 to purchase backpacks, school supplies, and school clothing

Dakota Woodlands, Inc., Eagan, $892 to purchase supplies, fees, and educational expences for school aged children living in the shelter

Rum River Health Services, Princeton, $2,580 to purchase programming curriculum, backpacks, school supplies, shoes, underwear, socks and monies for after-school activities

Bi-County Community Action Programs, Inc., Bemidji, $1,290 to purchase school supplies, winter clothing, and school related activity fees for children and youth who are enrolled in programs

The Link, Minneapolis, $1,278 to purchase school supplies and GED testing fees for homeless youth

Overcomers International Fellowship/Dream Center of St. Cloud, St. Cloud, $1,720 to purchase a computer, white board, and GED preparation materials for GED students


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