Substantial New Grant Will Increase Shelter Capacity in Greater MN

Homelessness in Greater Minnesota has grown by 9% since 2009, exceeding Metro area growth of 4%. Even more troubling are the numbers of homeless who are unsheltered—thus living outside, in cars, or other places unfit for humans. While in the Metro area, 12% of homeless individuals are unsheltered, in Greater MN 41% are without any shelter.

To help address this need, Open Your Heart and the Otto Bremer Foundation have committed $120,000 in the next two years specifically to help shelters and transitional housing providers in Greater MN. Those who are homeless and/or fleeing domestic violence in rural areas face significant challenges. Safe shelters and necessary services are few and far between, and lack of reliable transportation is a chronic concern. Providers in these communities are dedicated and resourceful, but need help. Open Your Heart is working to partner with more funders to bring much-needed support into Greater Minnesota.

No one should have to stay in a dangerous situation because there is no place to go. By providing matching grants, we can leverage additional funds to help fill the gap in our continued efforts to ensure that our neighbors in need are able to find safe and supportive shelter and services.